Bikes and Gear


We are both riding the same rigs. Ibis Tranny 29er carbon hardtails with 120mm fox factory forks and Gates belts driving rohloff hubs. The stopping power comes from the ever reliable XT brakes. Son dynamo front hubs provide the gadget power.

All the wheels are carbon rims, stainless spokes and brass nipples. One set came from wheelworks, the other I built with Chinese rims. They have taken a pounding and have been bomb proof.

Tyres have varied a bit but Schwalbe Rock Razor 2.35 are a favourite. They ride really well and last the distance. And it goes without saying that they are tubeless.

We started out with Brooks saddles but Karen was always plagued with saddle sores so after 8000km she changed to a Selle Anatomica. It literally saved her ass. I had a love hate relationship with my Brooks Swift so have also changed to the Selle Anatomica and am loving it, but it’s only been 1000km.

Overall the bikes are holding up really well.


And now…

Spares and Tools

-Here’s a list of spares we each carry.

2 x tubes

Puncture kit and tubeless plugs

2 x sets brake pads

Key to undo the carrier


-And the joint gear

Spokes and nipples

Assorted bolts

Valve cores

Speedy stitcher to sew up just about anything

Duct tape

Small crescent

Long 5mm allen key to undo carrier

Long 6mm Allen key to tighten the frame


Small bottle lube for peddles

Shifter cables

Cable cutters

Cable ties

2 x Rockstrap

Bikepacking setup

Up front Revelate harness, salty roll and front bag do the job. In the middle are Revelate frame bags which also works well. Top tube bags are a mixed bunch but provide a lunchbox and tool bag.

Out back a Thule freeloader is used to carry a Overland backpack dry bag. Although heavier we use this so we can go hiking or haul the groceries from town. The freeloader has been reinforced with a second brace after one broke in the middle of nowhere.

Bottle cages are attached wherever we could put them. Anything cages on each fork leg and one on the side of the carrier. Hose clamps with t-nuts fitted make great cage mounts. Five side entry cages are used elsewhere. All up we can carry 10lt of water each. One bottle each has been converted to a bladder system so we can drink enough on the go.

Pumps are fitted to the front fork. One of these doubles as a shock pump. This has been invaluable since we can unload our bikes, drop the fork pressure then have some fun hitting the single track. Also a pump each is a must given the amount of time we are adjusting the tyre pressure.

K-lites are mounted to the aero bars and USB power is from a Sinewave converter and keeps a 10000ahr cache battery topped up.

The aero bars are more for a variety of hand position rather than making us fast. They just give the back, shoulders and hands a break.


• Tent – Big Agnes Copper Spur Ultra Light High Volume, love it.

• Sleeping Mats – Big Agnes SLX, very comfy

• Sleeping Bags – Marmot Phase 30 for Karen, Phase 20 for Tony (not warm enough)

• Sleeping bag liners – silk plus a thermal liner for Tony

• Helinox zero camp chairs. Best luxury item yet. Well worth the 480gms each.

• Scrubba washbag for the laundry. It is amazing.

• Led Lenzer H7 headlamps with rechargeable battery

• S2S wilderness washing liquid

• Steripen water steriliser

• Hand sanitizer

• Wet wipes and toilet paper

• MSR whisperlite international cooker – burning petrol (gasoline)because you can get it everywhere

• Lighter x 2

• Billy (pot) – MSR 2.5lt. This replaced a S2S collapsible silicon pot that failed

• Cups – collapsible silicon (one has a hole in it)

• Sharp kitchen knife

• Spoons

• Folding plates

• Chopping board

• Dish liquid (in film canister) and dish cloth

Other Essential Stuff

There’s always the other bits and bobs pile of essential stuff that just takes up space.

• First aid kit. Minimal

• Emergency Locator Beacon

• Speedy Stitcher

• Firelighters (bits of old bike tube)

• Clothes line (and for hanging food)

• Clothes pegs x 6

• Toiletries

• Soap

• Toothpaste

• Toothbrush

• Shampoo and conditioner (Karen’s luxury item)

• Moisturiser (apparently it’s an essential chick thing)

• Hairbrush (again a chick thing)




• 2 x bib riding shorts

• Ground Effect riding shirt

• Merino socks

• Ground effect tights

• Pearl Izumi rain pants

• Long sleeve Icebreaker merino top

• Ground Effect windproof jersey

• Marmot rain jacket

• Specialized Grail gloves

• REI thermal gloves

• Dishwashing gloves for wet weather

• Specialized Tahoe shoes

• Sunglasses

Off the Bike

• Singlet

• Thermal t-shirt

• Long sleeve Icebreaker merino top

• Long sleeve travel shirt

• Macpac down jacket

• Macpac windproof beanie

• Buff

• Wool socks

• Shorts

• Zip off travel trousers

• Icebreaker longjohns

• 2 x undies

• Teva sandals



• 2 x riding shorts

• Ground Effect riding shirt

• Merino bra

• Merino socks

• Ground effect legs

• Patigonia rain pants

• Long sleeve Ground Effect merino top

• Marmot rain jacket

• Buff

• Specialized Grail gloves

• Thermal gloves

• Dishwashing gloves for wet weather

• Shimano touring shoes

• Sunglasses

Off the Bike

• Singlet

• T-shirt

• Long sleeve Icebreaker merino top

• Long sleeve shirt

• Ground Effect windprook jacket

• Macpac down jacket

• Icebreaker beanie

• Ground Effect merino socks

• Running skirt

• Zip off travel trousers

• Icebreaker longjohns

• Sports bra

• 2 x undies

• Merrel sandals