Bikepacking in the Solomon Islands

Well it has been a long time since we last updated everyone. So, what have we been up to? Well, since mid October 2021 both of us were working and living in the Solomon Islands, and, of course we took our bikes with us! The Solomon Islands is actually a chain of approximately 1500 islands located north east of Australia. Because of its close proximity to the equator temperatures range between 25 – mid 30 degrees centigrade with humidity usually around 90 percent! We lived in Honiara which is a small city with a population of around 90,000 people and growing!

Outside of work Honiara offered us plenty of single and vehicle tracks to explore. All the land around Honiara is owned by a local families, but there were no fences or boundaries and it is acceptable to cross someones land without causing offence, sometimes this meant passing through someone’s back yard or kitchen. In fact when we were unsure which direction to take, usually an occupant of a house would direct us to the right place. An example of this was when COVID was ripping through Honiara a wonderful lady showed us the way through a steep bit of single track (while we were on a bike ride). Social distancing meant nothing to her as she insisted a young boy from the family help us carry our bikes down the hill.

We were lucky to meet many other like minded people who enjoyed the outdoors while living in Honiara.

We soon learned that the heat and humidity played a big factor in how long we rode our bikes for. Even a two hour Mtb ride without carrying any weight was enough to have us retreating to the air-conditioning for the rest of the day, too spent to do any more physical activity. Because of this we were careful to keep any bike packing trips too relatively short. Then there was some of the terrain to negotiate, sometimes in the pouring rain.

Oh and did I mention there are lots of salt water crocodiles in the Solomons?

So despite the heat, humidity and crocodiles we did a four day bike-packing adventure on the island of Malaita. Here are some of the pictures and ride description below.

Arrival in Auki (the capital of Malaita)after a 2 hour ferry ride from Honiara.
The start of our first real hill. The temperature was well into the mid to high 30’s.
Our camping spot on our first night.

Dawn the next morning. A bit cooler but the humidity was off the scale!
Meeting Peter who works for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. He helped us arrange for a local boat to take us up the coast from Atori to Gunatolo. Above is the police station where he works.
Our bikes loaded up onto what is known as a ‘banana boat’.
Tony’s improvised sun hat.
The locals welcoming us at Gunatolo.
We met plenty of interesting people on our ride. We were as much a curiosity to them as they were to us.

There are no Auto-wreckers in the Solomon’s. Any inoperable vehicle are discarded on the side of the road after all useful parts are stripped from them.
We stayed at the Police Barracks in Ma’lu. These lovely ladies cleaned our room for us and gave us breakfast the next morning.
Our final night’s accommodation – a bungalow at Sarah’s resort – a nice place to relax after a 100km ride.


Two solemates sharing bikepacking adventures that are off the beaten track.

2 thoughts on “Bikepacking in the Solomon Islands

    1. Hi Connie,
      Lovely to hear from you. How are you doing? We have now both retired from Police and are living in the top of the South Island. At this stage there are no plans for working for about another 12 months. It is giving us more time to explore the beautiful place we are living in.


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