What Are We Doing

Where are we going?

We are heading south, toward Chile, however the question is more where will we travel before 30th of June 2019?? We are not destination focussed. For us it is more about the journey and the more spontaneous the journey is, the more enriching it is for us.

Where have we come from?

We started riding our bikes in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on the 16th of June 2018. Since then we have been zig zagging our way through North America. To date we have cycled 13600kms (around 8500 miles). 

The Alaska phase saw us ride the Dalton, Richardson and Denali Highways before doing some great single track in the Kenai Peninsula. We then headed back across Alaska to the Top of the World Highway and on into the Canadian Yukon. There followed the Klondike, Robert Campbell, Stewart Campbell and Yellowhead Highway to work our way to Banff. From there it was onto the Continental Divide trail to Salida, cut west to Ouray and on the Plateau Passage trail through Utah to St George. By this stage it’s getting cold and we were invited to head across Nevada to visit friends at Lake Tahoe, a fantastic place. From there we crossed to the Pacific Coast Highway and then headed South to San Diego. 

It is here that the bikes are getting a bit of TLC before we head into Mexico and on towards South America. 


Two solemates sharing bikepacking adventures that are off the beaten track.

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